Amazing Sweet Potato Hash Browns


4 organic sweet potatoes (scrubbed and shredded)

1 organic sweet onion (shredded)

1/8 cup fresh thyme stripped off the vine (click for a demo video)

Himalayan pink salt (to your taste)

Crack black pepper (to your taste)

1-2 T coconut oil


Fry Directions:

Mix together in bowl: shredded potatoes, onion and thyme.

Pan fry (I use a griddle): melt 1T coconut oil on the griddle then evenly spread the shredded blend on the griddle over medium heat

Turn the potatoes over after about 15 minutes or golden brown.


Bake Directions: pre heat oven 400° 

Use a Texas sheet cake pan lined with parchment paper

Place 1T coconut oil on parchment and place in the heating oven to melt

Spread shredded blend evenly over the oiled parchment

Bake for about 15 minutes the turn the potatoes over to get crisp on the bottom.


These are so tasty you may never eat white hash again!

sweet tater hashbrowns.jpg

Shown here ready to bake!