• Chantie Valinttine

The Art of Detachment

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

Being human, we tend to attach ourselves to people, places, things, beliefs and ideals. But what if any of those things is no longer serving us?

Beliefs are the strongest attachments that we have, and can be the most difficult to release. Attaching to people, places, things, ideals and especially beliefs holds us in the vibration of those things. You know it is no longer serving you when something doesn’t feel good to you. It may no longer make sense or resonate with you anymore. You may not see the point in it anymore.

We are by nature evolutionary beings. All that means is we are designed to change. Evolving is an immutable law. Living things grow and change continually. This includes people, animals and plants. Relationships change in families, friendships, communities, at work and of course in love. All living things age, wither and eventually diminish. It is the way life is.

Attaching to an outgrown belief holds us in a vibration that no longer serves us and can even limit growth. How do you know? When something isn’t right, or you are not happy about an aspect of your life, that’s how you know. Discomfort signals the need to identify it so you can let it go.

We live our lives believing that some unhappiness is normal. But unhappiness is actually an indicator, not meant to be a state of being. Unhappiness may be culturally accepted, but is that what you want for yourself? We’ve been conditioned to accept the idea that nobody is really happy anymore. That’s just not true! Brainwashed BS!

What we hold our attention on, grows. If you constantly think of how poorly you were treated in the past, your past continues to be your present. YOU keep it alive. If you ‘hang on’ you remain stuck and you become unhappy with no understanding of why.

Over time the original event is forgotten yet the lingering feeling of discomfort or unhappiness remains. And worse, it will continue into your future. Who wants that?

If you are aware of negative aspects in your life and you can’t put your finger on it, you are getting in touch with old emotions and limiting beliefs that are ready to be released. If you’ve tried focusing on the positive only to have the negative feelings surface again, there are unresolved emotions from a significant event that are keeping you stuck. Positive affirmations help, but no matter how many times you chant them or for how long, the ONLY way to access and release those old emotions is through your unconscious mind. That is where ALL lasting change occurs.

Listen, it happens to all of us. It’s part of being human. You are definitely not alone. But you can take action by seeking a professional hypnotherapist, Timeline Therapy® or Trauma therapist, who can help you access those unconscious emotions and release them. Then you will be liberated from what holds your back so you will then be able to focus on what you want and move forward in your life with more happiness, peace and harmony.

If any of this is resonating with you, makes sense, feels or looks right; what are you waiting for? Don’t you want the best for your life? Let go of that old stuff, DETACH! Move forward and feel like you are meant to…Happy. It’s your birthright!

Chantie Shelly Valinttine is an expert on emotional release as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master practitioner of Timeline Therapy®, Huna Shaman practitioner &Transformational Life Coach. She is passionate about her calling. Learn more at contact her for a free phone consultation.

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