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Just a Reflection of You

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Everything is just a reflection of You.

When someone tells you that you are beautiful, it is because they see in you beauty that is within themselves. By the same token, when someone is emitting feelings of anger, it’s because there is hatred and anger within themselves.

Perhaps this may not be a popular notion. Yet from my world experience, I have found this to be an irrefutable law. The world we experience is a reflection of what is in us. In other words, what you see outside you exists within you. Whaaaat?

Trust me, when I first discovered this concept, I wasn’t ready to accept it. I was pointing fingers and saying, “I would never do that!” But guess what, upon deeper contemplation, I recalled times in my past where I had done just that. Suddenly I could not point the finger and still be in integrity with myself.

This awareness caused me to become more compassionate and understanding with myself, and soon I became compassionate and understanding with others when I experienced the world around me. This is how we grow in consciousness.

Two people can look at the exact same thing, and while one person sees beauty, the other is disgusted. How one sees things is determined by what dwells within them. Our world is a reflection of what we are experiencing internally.

Therefore, the simple truth is that the changes we desire to make in our world must first be made within ourselves. We must be able to experience our world without judgment or fear, and accept that people are all different.

Honoring the truth in another person’s path, which may not be our path, is another form of compassion, understanding and allowing. Through that allowing all paths and people come together fearlessly.

If it is peace that you desire in the world, seek peace first within yourself and you will begin creating it in the world. From that peaceful place you can then find a way to purposefully create it in the world. And remember, whatever you see in your outer world is expressing from your inner world.

If it is love that you seek, then be in love with yourself. Not in a narcissistic way, but in a way that you can forgive yourself and live a life of grace. Treat yourself the same way you would your best friend. Have compassion and understanding for yourself.

This path is an internal one and we may not want to admit it or accept it. Yet, once we do, we begin to change what we see outside of ourselves. We may not like the thought of it, but we know inner change must come first.

It’s that simple… perhaps just not that easy.

Jesus said, “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” View your inner thoughts and feelings as ripples in a pond. What you emanate ripples out into the universe, and it comes back to you.

When you hate, even on a hater, you perpetuate hate. On the other hand, when you love a hater, change occurs. The world shifts for you, for them, and for everyone around you. Judgement is the crux of separation. The fall of man! Change yourself = change the world!

When one compliments or criticizes, know they are just a reflection of you.

Copyright Chantie Valinttine 9/30/19

Shelly 'Chantie' Valinttine is a student of Universal Laws, Life experiences, and utilizes all her modalities as an agent of Change. Her passion is expressed through coaching others to rise up to their authentic self. Check out

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