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Is there Room for Change

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Do you ever feel as if you’ve grown and your experiences have somehow boxed you in? Have you ever gone through such boredom and complacency that life seems meaningless? The monotony of life can become the slow drip of death to the soul. I know this sounds like a real drag, yet these are the very contrasts that allow one to turn their life around. If there is room for change.

Events in life cause us to make decisions. Each decision sets a course for the rest of our life. And so, it will go, until we make another decision to change it up.

Having the audacity to face oneself and look at the old thoughts, beliefs and patterns is no small thing. The conquest to overcome blocks that have stopped or sabotaged your life are a challenge, and require change at an unconscious level.

What if some basics we were taught are all wrong? For instance, “Hard work will get you ahead in life.” Will doing this bring you joy, satisfaction and fulfillment? I gotta tell you, from where I sit, it’s not the truth. There are holes in that story and the only one who can fill them in for you is you.

How? Start to turn everything off, your phone, your computer, your TV and radio. Tune within and listen to the small voice that whispers ideas, inspirations, directives and dreams. With this constant outside noise, you can’t hear it.

This is authentic everyday magic. Be still, allow your thoughts to dissipate for a few minutes while being in silence. This is a time of shifting the perceptions of the old consciousness into a new consciousness. This is about taking dreams and running them through a whole new way of being. This is about taking inspired action instead of forcing it. We forget that we are human beings because of all our human “doing.”

Imagery is like candy for the limbic brain. Vision boards (some people call them Treasure Maps) are effective, and in my experience have drawn in exactly what I put on them. I arrange pictures, positive messages to myself, and even small meaningful trinkets on my vision boards to elicit thinking that will manifest the objects of my desire. I make sure my vision boards are in a place that I can see them every day. To make one for yourself, find images, pictures, etc., and arrange them on poster board. You can even designate a wall or even an entire room and fill it with images of what you desire. Find the pictures that make your hearts sing! I now have my own "room for change," my walk-in closet walls are full of images that inspire, move and uplift me.

Join me on an adventure to shift your perception of life as being hard or difficult, to create something incredible from the wisdom you have within. My personal journey took me from hard work where I was always pushing, to a life of ease where I "allow" with purpose. It is so much less stress, so much more fun, joyful and fulfilling. I am experiencing that everyday magic.

If you continue the path of hard work, you’ll just get more of the same. If you have room for change in your life, break out of the repetitive cycle and shifts to a new way of being. Everything in this world starts with a thought. What are your thoughts telling you?

Shelly Valinttine is a Transformational Life Coach, Healing Guide, Teacher & Author visit or text her at 330-415-5199 to learn more about how to shift your life course to one of prosperity, joy, fulfillment and fun!

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