• Chantie Valinttine

Appreciating You

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

I love that I wake up with you every morning and go to sleep with you every night.

I love when we play, and we find joy in the simplest things around us.

I love the surprises that show up in a day especially after having a thought about it just an hour ago.

I love the peace of not thinking how things are going to go.

I feel at ease with embracing the complete unknown.

I love the feeling of knowing the universe has got my back.

When you and I are lined up with Divine Source magic happens and it’s so much fun!

I know it took a very long time for our relationship to evolve to this.

I have deep gratitude and appreciation for all that you’ve given me, all that you do and all that you are.

I love you so much.

I honor you immensely.

I Am grateful to you my inner Being.

This is the space that enables me to attract anything into my life. The place of complete love for myself is my alignment with Divine Source. From this alignment I vision what I want in my life.

I see myself bringing in copious abundance and giving it away in the form of showing others how to do it. I am the farmer sowing seeds who is willing to teach the planting and the reaping of the richest harvest from an attraction standpoint.

I see a simple life where others who are interested in the aspects of co-creating this vision show up to play their part and prosper from it. I see the circles I engage in thriving in love, empowerment, joy and benevolence.

I have released to the Divine my vision of this and specifically what it looks like and how it will come about. You know my heart, you know my vision, you know my dream. I surrender this to the powers that be, who orchestrate everything in the cosmos, and I look forward to the physical manifestation in the timing of the Divine!

I am now open to receiving and I am blessed beyond measure.

Chantie Valinttine expresses wildly to engage the creativity of her heart.

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