Remember love


When you face a difficult situation and you give it love then that

love reflects back to you.

When it reflects back to you it empowers you to give more love.

You become more aware and your awareness allows you to see

(in your mind’s eye) a larger scope, a broader picture.

The bigger picture allows you to feel more compassion and


Thereby stirring more love within you and in turn, you are

strengthened by that love increase.

As your strength increases with love you also gain understanding.     


That, coupled with empathy and compassion, cause you to question and then lay down your judgment.

For the bigger picture has many things at play with many people, and when we judge a situation it causes karmic effects for ourselves (more so when we act in judgment).  When we act out of love in the same situation healing occurs and karma is restored to balance.

Forgiving ourselves and others is the most powerful act of love. It is also the most transformative power. When we lay down our sword and give up the fight we gain renewal and energizing motivation toward love. We recognize that we are all one. We as human beings feel the same emotions and the same struggles. For some reason, we want to keep this a big secret.  Guess what, it is no secret. When you hurt, others hurt.


As a coach, people tell me it’s complicated. No, it’s not.


Truth is not complicated. Love is the truth. It either is or it isn't Love, and it is that simple. All the Ancient Wisdom taught this simplicity.

We have the free will to operate out of LOVE or FEAR. This is a moment to moment choice. In one instant it can all change by deciding to choose love.

When we surrender to love and trust in love; life unfolds more beautifully and harmoniously in spite of appearances.

When we remember Love, and we are willing to get our ego out of the way, life unfolds and flows.

When we practice operating out of love, the challenges we face are recognized as blessings and we grow from them.

When we remember love then we remember who we TRULY are!

Remember you are Love!